Melograno Scagliola Art Panel

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W 51.57" - H 70.07"

Melograno Panel Painting, thickness 1.58" (4 cm), Scagliola Art Panel on a wooden support.

Il pannello è realizzato con la tecnica della Pastiglia in scagliola e pittura olio su pannello legno.

Manufacturing hours: 180 h.

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Virtue by virtue
Thorn for thorn

Making a comparison between a plant (the pomegranate) and a character (Livia Drusilla) is a rather daring and perhaps a little bizarre idea, however, in my opinion it is not without significance.

In fact, if we approach Livia Drusilla, wife of Emperor Octavianus Augustus, to whom exceptional public and private virtues are recognized, to the fruit of the pomegranate, "chest" of healthy and beneficial virtues. The comparison between them is immediate and makes us understand the qualities that the Latins gave them: salus, iustitia, pietas, fortuna. Like the pomegranate plant that has good fruit, but it is not without thorns, so Livia's behavior does not seem to be entirely worthwhile, since there are serious suspicions about the death of young relatives of her husband Octavian. They could have impeded the ascent to the power of her two sons (Tiberius and Drusus) from their previous marriage with Tiberius Claudius Nero.

With my work I wanted to commemorate the two millenniums from the death of Augustus, dated back to August 2014, when the Palatine museum was reopened and the archaeological route of the house of Augustus and of the house of Livia was extended. The image of Livia Drusilla in the act of picking a fruit from the pomegranate plant, was suggested to me by the extraordinary frescoes of the Villa Livia that represent a large garden with pomegranate plants.

The observation of these frescoes also led me to think that the same Livia Drusilla would have had the desire to be represented next to this plant with "virtuous" fruits , but maybe it's just my idea.

Lodovico Cupioli

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Width51.57" (131 cm)
Height70.07" (178 cm)

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